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September Tournament, American/European daytime, 4k Division Players

25acmh7 [6k]1.560
22AtledK [7k]241
17AxelJ [18k]282
34Bentham [16k]14.50.5Quit before round 3
18cslater [8k]27.52.5
30D239500800 [14k]19.52
31Darkmoore [17k]191
9DarkSilver [13k]375
6fintiger [10k]38.55.5
26flavien [23k]
14galaxis [14k]2.562
32Gnolli [9k]181
8GoMe [4k]37.54.5
29gregfer [13k]110.52
15i7 [16k]
2JeonJi [5k]39.56.5
35kilroy [8k]14.50
27Mercedes [14k]1.530
1mrbeak [17k]477Winner
16mstarsup5 [9k]293
13odif [16k]
33olczyk [15k]16.50.5
12ox1 [11k]33.53.5
21Ozymandius [14k]242
27retesz [10k]1.530
23revo [11k]1.571
37Rooibos [16k]0.560
10sai160189 [14k]36.53.5
35sebos2013 [10k]14.50
39Shu04 [6k]01.50Quit before round 2
6simbad [19k]38.55.5
2ssmfung [10k]39.56.5
20StoneSage [11k]263
19Thedome [16k]27.52
38thesee [18k]0.54.50
5trc [10k]396
24Unicum [7k]1.561
11uXs [18k]355
2vacation [6k]39.56.5