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August American/European Daytime Tournament Players

20AndreyLi [11k]134372
36anglich [16k]82540
7apagis [3k]1934121
15Arsene [8k]153783
37Astone [14k]81548
34BobSmith [13k]91728Quit before round 4
33cailean [14k]92151
30calathar [13k]102960
22cervoise78 [8k]12032Quit before round 3
24ChoUsRival [13k]113354
41Darkside [13k]7020Quit before round 3
32doviende [14k]92453
2dreammaker [5d]2397120
12Druft [8k]177492
11fab [1d]18023Quit before round 2
44fantomas27 [15k]688Quit before round 2
5felheart [1k]2278123
21gepay [7k]13014Quit before round 2
47godiablo [19k]4418
10Groumpf [2k]180122
42izarlilia [20k]62828
25judi [11k]112740Quit before round 4
13Kedo [9k]166677
23ken1jf [12k]113370
28krusti [11k]112169
18kuroitaiyo [12k]135770
26kuula [11k]112173
16laca [8k]143196
50lior8121 [24k]100Quit before round 2
31Luksa [11k]101135Quit before round 4
14Miel [6k]162997
6mollo [3k]1937126
39NinjaKun [15k]71547
3pinguix [1d]2281127
45Ralf08 [17k]5427
19Rasd [12k]135571
29retesz [11k]112068
43RetroGen [16k]61243
35rolls [11k]9013Quit before round 2
4snowmen [1d]2279123
8SpiderG33k [1d]191886Quit before round 5
17Sub0 [8k]142775Quit before round 6
27SupRAS [11k]112171
46Torkuemada [17k]4537
9Unicum [6k]1865101
40vik212 [16k]71536
38Vose [17k]72035
51vuya [20k]0010Quit before round 3
48WayToGo [18k]344Quit before round 2
49yoard [17k]307Quit before round 2
1zhongxia [1d]23105127Winner