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March Iron Man Tournament: Kyu Handicap Division Players

2a2g [5k]1312090.5
7Ak47 [2k]118349
8akoetou [5k]10.578.543.5
9apollo1001 [17k]10.55125
23apt49 [11k]7.5130Quit before round 17
20Archer [4k]8.51010Quit before round 17
12AyameTan [7k]105525.5
17BurntPogo [13k]8.56816.5
6Cool [3k]11122.539.5
10herisson [5k]10.54734Quit before round 20
3Jamagoal [15k]136755.5
14kaii [5k]9.590.535.5
24MaximG [6k]31010Quit before round 6
5pavellevap [6k]11.510859.5
11rkda [5k]1014363.5
13Ruffy86 [5k]9.511446.5
1Saira [6k]1411690.5Winner
19Shinichiro [4k]8.55311
18simon2012 [7k]8.55411
15SlowGraham [11k]9105.516
21SWKushiro [4k]8123.537.5
22terede [14k]7.5410Quit before round 20
4urtok [9k]12.55050
16waynec [8k]8.58929.5