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August Asian Daytime Tournament Players

1sss [2k]164155Winner
2takvac [4k]144357
3Javaness [5k]144242
4JJHendry [3k]142757
5burk [3k]142353
6Windfang [3k]13030
7ThuyTien [3k]13028
8Kagura [7k]112535
9q6556q [7k]102048
10goshu [7k]9938.5
11acmh7 [6k]9044
12Muu [9k]8.51122
13itanlian [9k]8917
14Gnolli [9k]8815
15g0098 [9k]7.5927
16trc [11k]719.528
17jhon86 [13k]61818
18TeCong [12k]61016
19DonnieD [13k]45.517.5
20dogodo [14k]4410
21sinalvein [11k]4027.5
22gregfer [14k]3.511
23Neyr [13k]3.504
24hisis [16k]2111
25kknowles [15k]219
26schokonick [16k]107.5
27TonyAdria [15k]004Quit before round 2