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January Asian Daytime Tournament Players

1Violet [1k]2275.575.5Winner
2tt [1k]20.54062
3hikari99 [3d]203880.5
4j1 [2d]203373.5
5punigon [3k]181775
6JJHendry [3k]17075.5
7beifeng [6k]163166.5
8loveandgo [8k]15.54545
9g0098 [9k]13.523.535
10Jin [9k]1322.552
11laca [9k]1210.549.5
12kiseki [11k]11.52424Quit before round 4
13humbaba [12k]10.519.529.5
14retesz [11k]10.51237
15hoangtuan [11k]10.5929.5
16darrell [10k]10.5035
17Havoc [13k]1026.535.5
18Darkmoore [13k]101625
19Zero9090 [13k]92041
20rayw [18k]612.512.5
21olczyk [15k]5.5026
22pianistgo [16k]4.506Quit before round 3
23Galatia [23k]2.539
24live4go [19k]1.505Quit before round 4