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March American/European Daytime Tournament Players

1clansman [1k]22106106Winner
2GoMe [2k]2070114
3ltk [2k]1946108
4Darg [6k]1630106
5j1 [1d]16061Quit before round 4
6acmh7 [9k]155592
7Shu04 [6k]151531Quit before round 3
8Muu [7k]151444Quit before round 6
9kyuplayer1 [10k]145183
10loveandgo [7k]14015Quit before round 4
11presiden [11k]134876
12jiku [10k]133577
13Makadoudou [10k]133171
14altar [11k]123272
15Sjoerd [10k]11923Quit before round 3
16Sandbox [13k]102660
17donclaboni [16k]93442
18ken1jf [14k]92254
19fryer [12k]9945Quit before round 5
20retsugo [12k]9029Quit before round 6
21Fishbulb [11k]9011Quit before round 2
22kichiji [15k]82547
23olczyk [14k]81446
24Berensai [13k]8010Quit before round 4
25golovers [16k]72240
26Jorde [17k]61329
27cailean [17k]5935
28Srdr [30k]41421
29Jaydee [18k]469Quit before round 4
30RetroGen [20k]31328
31synp [21k]2320