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December Asian Daytime Tournament Players

1Angeru [4d]21.59292Winner
2nyoshi [1k]19.567.589
3Shu04 [2k]1982103.5
4Werfeus [4d]18.533.574.5Quit before round 6
5KiemTien [1d]18.53253.5Quit before round 5
6Shilba [1k]1847.599.5
7tossy [1k]1734.5106.5
8ssmfung [2k]16.52982.5
9NVD [3d]16.5056Quit before round 5
10emre35 [1d]16.5038.5Quit before round 4
11bego [5k]166781
12Pascal [3k]1644.596
13DragonN [1k]15.5038Quit before round 4
14Shinichi56 [5k]155587
15dshaitan [4k]14.53061Quit before round 6
16g0098 [3k]14.514.550Quit before round 5
17damedas [5k]144286.5
18DeathWind [5k]143980
19edlee [4k]142586
20plusQ [7k]134575
21darkhunter [7k]133458
22traidunion [7k]122568
23digikid [7k]101325Quit before round 3
24caraoke [7k]109.522.5Quit before round 3
25chiaohong [6k]10031Quit before round 3
26sandman [7k]9.5010Quit before round 3
27maga [9k]91062
28Akira95 [13k]67.537.5
29Podiceps [15k]513.527.5
30mitani96 [13k]5538
31Bentaye [14k]2.5011Quit before round 4