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September 3-weeks KGS Plus Tournament, Asian daytime open division Players

1Capsule [-]15.5152.5126Winner
2skhao [2d]14.5186130.5
3klm [2d]14199132
4FakeLove [4d]12.5180.580.5
5HunterDog [2d]12.512180.5
6beifeng [1d]1217192.5
7Wolfram [1k]10.592.539
8qazedc [5d]10.532.532.5Quit before round 19
9fthvrl [9k]10.53212
10shindou45 [2k]1012347
11senol [6k]9.56827
12vietnamGO [4k]9.55820.5
13lukkah [1d]9.551.513
14birne [3d]9.519.519.5Quit before round 18
15nick2006 [12k]915526.5
16judi [3k] before round 17
17pisses84 [2d]8.544Quit before round 17
18darkhunter [-]812321.5
19sensei418 [12k]7.515126.5
20PietPiet [16k]7.5694
21elurin [14k]7.530.50Quit before round 19
22Nomadic [14k]7.57.50Quit before round 17
23saibnymn [17k]4121.50
24offside [3d]119.54Quit before round 3
25Pasukaru [1d]0.518.50Quit before round 4