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2006 Sendol Amateur Cup, Asian daytime, Second week-end, Single Elimination Division Round 2 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
Downloadetrynus [3k]mokdan [-]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMB+Res.
DownloadNVD [3d]Waffen [5d]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMB+16.5
DownloadPandyDog [1k]gentillou [-]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMW+Res.
Downloadroln111 [8d]fripouille [10k]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMW+Forf.
Downloadsantiago [-]izuru [6k]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMW+Res.
Downloadshihua [1d]kevin83 [9d]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMB+Res.
Downloadspinserve [-]desperado [1d]19×19 11/25/06 6:02 AMB+Res.
 aguilar [-]Bye
 seop [6d]Bye (No show)
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