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August KGS Plus Tournament, Konrad division for Blitz Ironman (Round 24 in progress)

Welcome to the KGS Plus tournament!

Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule. This tournament uses a Swiss pairing system. The time settings are 35 minutes Main time plus 5 Byo yomi periods of 30 seconds (35m + 30s x 5). 50 non-KGS Plus members will be allowed to join the Asian/European Daytime division, 30 non-KGS Plus members to the American Daytime division. KGS Plus members are always welcome!

The violators of Terms of Service are not allowed.

You have 2 BYEs

Konrad Division is a 24-rounds in 24-hours Blitz Ironman Tournament with 18 BYEs. time settings are 10m + 3 x 20s, rounds start every hour at any of (*:35), side-by-side simultaneously to the Regular Tournaments. If you want to play on the Regular Tournaments, please request BYE for the other game you want to play. You have to play 6 rounds for participating.


Sponsored by KGS


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


There is no prize.