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If you are entered in a tournament, please make sure that you have read the KGS tournament guide.

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Kaś Cup (Winner: Zen19S)

Kaś Cup

This is an event for Go-playing programs.

To make things fair, each entrant may use no more than four cores, though it may run multiple threads on each core if it chooses.

The objective is not to maximise your wins, but to maximise your total score. Your score (positive or negative) for each round will be added up, and the player with the biggest positive score will win the first prize (and the second-biggest positive score, the second prize, etc.). Scores are truncated at +50 and -50. A resignation or a loss on time is counted as +50 to the winner, -50 to the loser.

To enter, please email , stating your bot's KGS account name.


Łukasz Lew, and an anonymous donor, have each donated US$100 of prize money.


Round Robin, Simultaneous Schedule.


If there are fewer than eight entrants, the winner will receive $140 and the second-placed player will receive $60.

If there are eight or more entrants, the winner will receive $100, the second-placed player will receive $60, and the third-placed player will receive $40.