KGS Plus

Upcoming KGS Plus Events

To see the upcoming KGS Plus events, complete with the times that they will happen, visit the KGS Plus online schedule. This schedule will be constantly updated with the latest news and information.

KGS is a free service provided by the American Go Foundation. If you enjoy playing on the server, and would like to help us pay our server costs, fund improvements, and offer Pro lectures, please consider donating here.

What is KGS Plus?

KGS Plus is a group of extra go services provided by KGS on top of the standard features. KGS is well known for its excellent game playing and game review systems, and its fun atmosphere; these are (and will always be) free for anybody to enjoy. But some things - like lessons from top players and tournaments - take a lot of extra work and expense to put on.

What do I get from KGS Plus?

The latest KGS Plus schedule is available on the web at any time. Take a look to see what is coming up.


KGS Plus will include one group lecture every week from a professional go player. We have several different teachers, so each week will have a different pro running the lesson. Some of these lectures will use the KGS "live audio" system, letting the teacher talk to the students while they can type questions back, and other lectures will be all text. Some may be reviews of pro games, others may be reviews of amateur games, others may be lessons in joseki or tesuji. Some will be aimed at kyu players, some at dan. The plan is to make sure that no matter who you are, some of the lectures will be just right for you.

Build a Library of Go Lessons

Lectures will be saved on KGS, so if you can't be there to see the lecture live, you can still replay them later. When you replay the lecture, any audio track will be there, comments from players and from the instructor will show up, etc., to make everything look exactly as it did for people who were there to see it originally.