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1st KGS mini-Iron Man Tournament Players

15AndreyL [1d] before round 11
11bibon [4k]6.53816
10dansugo [3k]6.538.516
22Ddoox [2d]470.514
1Demon [2d]9.549.549.5Winner
3exnoxno [1k]871.538.5
14Franco2357 [5k]5.513.55.5Quit before round 12
18goodgame9d [7k]5224
25Ivano [-]1.5230Quit before round 8
9KoyoToya [1k]725.517.5
16Lancelot [6k]54412
7LemonPuffs [2k]74823.5
13LeoPon [7k]5.55919
20mabblebrox [11k]4.529.54.5
24Maestro10 [2k]1.526.55Quit before round 6
19MilaPon [8k]4.5496
6retesz [2d]7.519.519.5
12Shalom [10k]6276.5
26SilverOreo [5k]1.580Quit before round 5
2sloth [4d]8.537.528
5Sphinx [2k]7.53121.5
21starstuff [1k]4.5120Quit before round 12
27steved [2k]0.515.50Quit before round 4
23tabb [6k]2.56.50Quit before round 7
17terrymcg [7k]533.511
4Tochar [3k]855.531
8tusiab [2d]73722.5