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September KGS Plus Tournament, American/European daytime, Open division Players

41AGA1dEGF1k [4d]11.50Quit before round 4
21albertPM [3k]2.572
26andres [5k]291
6Angelus [-]410.57.5
13burrito [2k]3115
10ChemBoy613 [3d]313.57
29ChoUsRival [-]261
39Cookies [1k]150Quit before round 5
37Corvin [4k]190
22elurin [5k]2143
5emre35 [4d]4149
33floss [5k]240
19fujichan [1d]2.5114
43Ghost07 [1d]06.50Quit before round 3
38grunceanu [4k]181Quit before round 5
4Hatesphere [-]414.510.5
20horst [2k]2.510.53
8JoliDragon [2d]315.57
35kavias [3k]1110
14Kirasaki [1d]3105
2klm [2d]4.51010
3koko [-]415.511.5
36lefrog [4k]191
31Medice [4d]24.52Quit before round 5
29micky35 [6k]261
44moyoAGA1k [1k]02.50Quit before round 2
24MythRealm [2k]2122
12plusguy [-]3127Quit before round 5
31Resign [-]24.52Quit before round 5
15RiichiHax [2d]37.53
26schrody [3k]291
16ScorPuS [1k]355Quit before round 5
7semiclassy [2d]317.58.5
1Shaomi [3d]51515Winner
23Shu04 [1k]2134
17shuuin [1d]2.511.54.5
17skill1 [2d]2.511.54.5
9snowmen [3d]3145
11Universe [1d]312.55.5
28Walas [2k]27.52
34Watching [2d]1.55.51Quit before round 4
40xenofhonto [6k]120Quit before round 4
42yifu [9k]090
25yoyoma [1d]2112