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February American/European Daytime KGS Plus Tournament Players

1Cassis0 [4d]2197.5118.5Winner
2redRedred [5d]2196117
3Benjii [2d]2194.5112.5
4tt [2d]20.57495
5snowmen [3d]2073115
6liquescens [2k]1982100.5
7rust [1d]1955.5116.5
8donatello [1d]1955117.5
9inthecage [1d]1953.5116
10yoyoma [1d]1953111
11HiperDeha [2d]1950111.5
12adem [1d]18.53796
13Spartaaaaa [1k]1849101.5
14oldbob [1k]1848.5103.5
15wossname [3d]182140Quit before round 5
16sakuranbo [1d]181875
17barfly [2d]181755Quit before round 6
18CHOWstyle [3k]1762.596.5
19NECtrain [3k]1757.590
20topazg [1k]173554Quit before round 4
21MS [1k]173369Quit before round 5
22Tom2000 [1d]1718112.5
23G0g0l [1k]171852Quit before round 6
24royalty [3d]171759Quit before round 4
25rapumies [2d]17039Quit before round 5
26trc [1d]17019Quit before round 4
27guishu [3k]1648103
28burrito [3k]164190.5
29Berensai [1k]16035Quit before round 5
30mythical [3k]15.53180
31Normann [3k]15.53080
32sasa86 [5k]155686
33retesz [5k]1540.555.5
34Gazpacho [1k]15019Quit before round 2
35szn [6k]14.549.563.5
36Lazyos [6k]1453.581
37Daan [6k]144875
38Crumb [5k]1442.591
39master117 [3k]141494.5
40goinsein [6k]13.53561.5
41shyfox [5k]13.52771
42tronde [5k]132682
43marie [8k]123961
44tiger32k [7k]123268
45GoIsGod [6k]122377.5
46Fibo [6k]1213.542Quit before round 6
47schrody [4k]12089.5
48Ruffy86 [8k]113368
49CodeStah [8k]113042Quit before round 5
50Ralf08 [7k]11945.5
51bkhl [9k]1030.560.5
52maksymko [7k]10012Quit before round 4
53scubakid [10k]9.527.549.5
54Nekoojii [10k]9.52242.5
55TheMeister [11k]92442.5
56hanen [7k]9011Quit before round 2
57xebtl [11k]8.521.539
58KojiAtsuma [10k]8.517.527Quit before round 5
59Ygert [10k]814.549
60Wawl [9k]81033Quit before round 4
61Turpa [13k]72542.5
62crottmann [13k]61231.5
63Lurifax [13k]6925
64calbonga [14k]5.515.531.5
65Jander2 [13k]5.55.520.5
66hiyoshi [11k]5.5039
67mcnster [18k]513.517.5
68SirDoyle [14k]4516Quit before round 6
69bobbyconn [18k]3.51021
70tahin [15k]31.522
71Alekine92 [16k]1.5017