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November KGS+ Daytime 1 Tournament Players

1Vortex [4d]72121Winner
2Syptryn [3d]51628
3Momogo [2d]51420
4Virys [2d]510.522.5
AYOCZI [2k]41220
Unicum [3k]41220
7Korgan [1k]411.521.5
8MEXMAT [3k]48.58.5Quit before round 6
9PinotNero [2k]4711
10wasd [5d]4613Quit before round 6
11retesz [3k]3.5813
12Medou [1k]3.55.514.5
13AlexSavr [1d]3929
14tsonline [1d]3829
15Evgo [4k]3819
16Furash [3k]3718
17freehold [3k]3717.5
18schwako [5k]36.518
Saira [1k]3610Quit before round 5
Suicide [4k]3610Quit before round 6
21JpLennon [2k]34.54.5Quit before round 5
22Timi [7k]3313.5
23Algiskas [6k]339
24Karnesun [3d]333Quit before round 4
25Lyams [6k]32.58.5
26kavias [4k]329.5
27Ormos [5k]26.519.5
28delta [4k]2316
29Alekine92 [15k]22.516
30okida1040 [11k]21.51.5Quit before round 4
31ardha [5k]216Quit before round 6
32IonutTabac [7k]211Quit before round 4
33R2D2 [8k]1.5316.5
34Vad [6k]1.5111
35taivas [1d]1017Quit before round 4
36JottEss [10k]1015.5
37charlou [14k]109
38madan0 [9k]104.5Quit before round 5
39Ezrah [16k]102Quit before round 4