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August American/European Daytime KGS Plus Tournament Players

1Nickless [2d]156680Winner
2snowmen [3d]156277
3tt [2d]145180
4Lambic [3d]144774
5Demonsuji [2d]1334.578.5
6oldbob [1k]122554
7apagis [4d]121154
8plusguy [3d]121126Quit before round 5
9Adante [2k]11.52953
10shindon [3k]1138.563.5
11umone [3k]113864.5
12Lyriel [2k]1130.567.5
13shuhua [1k]111137Quit before round 6
14Bruno [1d]11039Quit before round 6
15stradetch [5k]1044.555.5
16horst [3k]1026.559.5
17grelon [4k]9.527.546.5
18Tilwen [3k]9.51747.5
19Misery [5k]929.549
20k666 [4k]923.551.5
21Nikolas73 [4k]92048.5
22bombix [3k]918.553.5
23disburden [2k]9931.5Quit before round 4
24burrito [2k]9020Quit before round 5
25un [2k]9011.5Quit before round 4
26Bazilikan [2k]9011Quit before round 4
27Xinu [4k]81755.5
28darrell [3k]8019Quit before round 5
29xbgnity [6k]7.521.539.5
30Astone [5k]710.545
31evenlee [6k]7920.5
32kaliya [8k]613.513.5Quit before round 6
33Allar [7k]5.59.535
34DeaconJohn [7k]5.59.527
35judicata [9k]51226
36aperezwi [8k]44.528
37nlin [9k]2.5222.5
38simon [12k]206.5Quit before round 6