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November KGS+ Daytime 1 Tournament Round 5 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
DownloadAlekine92 [15k]Vad [6k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+Res.
Downloadfreehold [3k]Medou [1k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+Res.
DownloadFurash [3k]AYOCZI [2k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+5.5
DownloadJottEss [10k]Timi [7k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+31.5
Downloadkavias [4k]charlou [14k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+66.5
DownloadLyams [6k]R2D2 [8k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+8.5
DownloadMomogo [2d]Korgan [1k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+20.5
DownloadOrmos [5k]Evgo [4k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+41.5
Downloadschwako [5k]delta [4k]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+28.5
Downloadtsonline [1d]Virys [2d]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+3.5
DownloadUnicum [3k]Syptryn [3d]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMB+Res.
DownloadVortex [4d]AlexSavr [1d]19×19 11/15/09 8:35 AMW+Res.
 Algiskas [6k]Bye (No show)
 ardha [5k]Bye (No show)
 MEXMAT [3k]Bye (No show)
 PinotNero [2k]Bye (No show)
 retesz [3k]Bye (No show)
 Suicide [4k]Bye (No show)
 wasd [5d]Bye (No show)
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