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March KGS Plus Tournament, Asian/European daytime, Open division Round 4 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
Downloadcidrolin [-]Beyond [12k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+58.5
Downloaddanc [3k]nostrum [2k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+Res.
DownloadISO314 [5k]BTM [5k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+Res.
DownloadKorgan [2d]dogbert [3d]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+Res.
Downloadmaipianist [3d]klm [2d]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+26.5
Downloadnvhoa [1d]Kukki [10k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+85.5
Downloadpedepano [-]Gogiuk [13k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+Res.
DownloadPrue [5k]chro [6k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+62.5
DownloadQuaigon [2k]CABPACOB [2d]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+13.5
DownloadRagnarok [1d]Sphinx [2k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+Res.
DownloadTigerbaduk [1k]Chrille [2k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+Res.
DownloadVortex [4d]adinogo [3d]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMW+Res.
Downloadyush [17k]Andr3 [12k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+Res.
Downloadzk4597 [1d]umone [4k]19×19 3/14/10 6:30 AMB+7.5
 Kazashi [9k]Bye (No show)
 lintang [11k]Bye (Requested)
 simon2010 [19k]Bye
 Stupidness [5k]Bye (Requested)
 woody1 [3k]Bye (No show)
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