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January Tournament, 5k down Division, American Daytime Round 2 Games

DownloadWhiteBlackSetupStart Time
DownloadLaohJo [18k]andys8 [18k]19×19 1/15/05 7:30 PMB+149.5
DownloadMorsus [17k]WinterKing [18k]19×19 1/15/05 7:30 PMW+70.5
Downloadgbin [16k]meesterrob [18k]19×19 H21/15/05 7:30 PMW+Res.
DownloadGanonGeru [15k]BrunnenG [17k]19×19 H21/15/05 7:30 PMW+Res.
DownloadLithiumTwo [11k]revo [15k]19×19 H41/15/05 7:30 PMB+30.5
Downloaddarrell [11k]TSa [14k]19×19 H31/15/05 7:30 PMB+40.5
DownloadCenturion [9k]spingle [9k]19×19 1/15/05 7:30 PMW+29.5
Downloadpepermite [8k]Ildefonse [10k]19×19 H21/15/05 7:30 PMB+28.5
Downloadzee [8k]Kostel [9k]19×19 1/15/05 7:30 PMB+52.5
DownloadBroody [6k]EvilBuu [7k]19×19 1/15/05 7:30 PMB+Time
Downloadndkrempel [5k]faignantix [8k]19×19 H31/15/05 7:30 PMB+7.5
 TONIO [6k]Bye (No show)
 Kapela [8k]Bye (No show)
 DrizztDo [9k]Bye (No show)
 yithril [11k]Bye (Requested)
 hphuang [23k]Bye
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