KGS Tournaments

Tournaments for 2004

December 9x9, 5k American Daytime Division (Winner: failure)

December 9x9, Open American Daytime Division (Winner: mpu)

December 9x9, 5k Asian Daytime Division (Winner: Bonklers)

December 9x9, Open Asian Daytime Division (Winner: sss)

November KGS Plus Tournament, 11k to 30k/American Daytime Division (Tie; winners: andys8, galopin)

November KGS Plus Tournament, 1k to 10k/American Daytime Division (Winner: acmh7)

November KGS Plus Tournament, Dan/American Daytime Division (Winner: kelu)

November KGS Plus Tournament, 11k to 30k/Asian Evening Division (Winner: andys8)

November KGS Plus Tournament, 1k to 10k/Asian Evening Division (Winner: HpKid2002)

November KGS Plus Tournament, Dan/Asian Evening Division (Winner: takinc)

October Tournament Finals (Winner: smallrain)

October Tournament, European Evening Division (Winner: w1988525)

October Tournament, Asian Daytime Division (Winner: smallrain)

September Handicap Tournament, Europe/11k to 30k Division (Winner: Pbl)

September Handicap Tournament, Europe/1k to 10k Division (Winner: JoakimS)

September Handicap Tournament, Europe/Dan Division (Winner: carrot)

September Handicap Tournament, Asia/11k to 30k Division (Winner: Cavalier)

September Handicap Tournament, Asia/1k to 10k Division (Tie; winners: BacAnhVu, Yatto)

September Handicap Tournament, Asia/Dan Division (Winner: alal)

August 9x9 Test (Winner: kinmaygi)

Handicap 19x19 Test Tournament (Winner: Gundalf)

Testing Byes (Winner: mattn)

Swiss Tournament Test - Kyu Division (Tie; winners: afc1893, Kagura, Scatee)

Swiss Tournament Test - Dan Division (Winner: sai87)

Web Signup Test Tournament (Winner: bubulle)

Last Hours Of May Test Tournament (Winner: zazie)

Early March test tournament (Winner: Apple)

February Test Tournament (Winner: gentil)

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