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Professional Players on KGS

This page acts as a reference to the existing professional accounts on KGS. This is not an endorsement.

Account Name Rank Organization
FengYun Feng Yun 9p Zhongguo Qiyuan
younggil An Young Gil 8p Hankuk Kiwon
wangqun Wang Qun 8p Zhongguo Qiyuan
ysyoon Young Soon Yoon 8p Hankuk Kiwon
mingjiu Mingjiu Jiang 7p Zhongguo Qiyuan
YilunYang Yilun Yang 7p Zhongguo Qiyuan
MaedaRyo Maeda Ryo 6p Kansai Kiin
TaranuC Catalin Taranu 5p Nihon Kiin
guojuan Guo Juan 5p Zhongguo Qiyuan
breakfast Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p Hankuk Kiwon
Lyonweiqi Li Ang 3p Zhongguo Qiyuan
redrose Svetlana Shikshina 3p Hankuk Kiwon
YinKuo Yin Kuo 3p Zhongguo Quiyuan
fanhui Fan Hui 2p Zhongguo Qiyuan
jennie Jennie Shen 2p Zhongguo Qiyuan
mandy Ko Juyeon 2p Hankuk Kiwon
zsi Diana Koszegi 1p Hankuk Kiwon
farmboy James Kerwin 1p Nihon Kiin
LiTing Li Ting 1p Kansai Kiin

The colours are used to indicate current region of residence, they may not be up to date. Table last updated in March 2016.

Europe North America Asia Oceania

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