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May KGS+ Tournament, American Daytime Open division (Winner: corners)

Welcome to the May KGS Plus tournament!

Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule. This tournament uses the Swiss pairing system. The time settings are 20 minutes Main time plus 5 Byo yomi periods of 20 seconds (20m + 5x 20s). 1 Round every 90 min, 5 rounds total: 3 rounds on the first day, 2 rounds on the second day. Prizes are given out randomly to those who participate in the tournament, so even if you don't think you can win your division, you still have a chance at getting a prize!

Important: Conditions for Tournament Entry:

4K and under Handicap Division:


Sponsored by KGS and Kiseido


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


  1. The winners will get a $18 gift certificate each from Kiseido and 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  2. The runner-ups will get 1 month of free KGS Plus.
  3. Any undefeated players who didn't win one of the above prizes will get 1 month of free KGS Plus and a silver crown.
  4. 1 week of KGS Plus will be awarded at random.