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Fujitsu Qualifier, Round 1, Board 8 (Winner: kong4148)

This is the 2006 Fujitsu Qualifier tournament. It is invitation only.

Sixteen top players from across the United States will vie for the right to be the 2006 U.S. Fujitsu representative. Round 1 pairings (with AGA ratings) are:

  1. mingjiu (Mingjiu Jiang, 9.28) vs. jyoon (Johnny Yoon, 6.42)
  2. HYang (Hui Ren Yang, 8.45) vs. pinpingho (Kwo-Ping Ho, 6.46)
  3. veggie (Thomas Y. Hsiang, 7.90) vs. trevor (Trevor Morris, 6.49)
  4. yzhou (Yuan Zhou, 7.89) vs. jeffgo86 (Jeffrey Fung, 6.50)
  5. jhlee (Jung Hoon Lee, 7.88) vs. BoFro (Edward Kao, 6.55)
  6. kcaly22 (Hosuk Yi, 7.73) vs. bigbadwolf (Zhi Yuan Liu, 7.17)
  7. EdwardKim (Edward Kim, 7.70) vs. TheOne (Eric Lui, 7.27)
  8. kong4148 (Moon Chong Kim, 7.63) vs. VVV (I-Han Lui, 7.51)


Single Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.