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If you are entered in a tournament, please make sure that you have read the KGS tournament guide.

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Xiong Yupei Cup, European daytime, single elimination division (Winner: kvv)

Welcome to the first Xiong Yupei Cup. This is a single elimination tournament. The time settings are 1 hour plus a 5 periods of 30 seconds byo yomi. Note that all KGS users are welcome but you will not be allowed to attend more than one division of this Xiong Yupei Cup.


Sponsored by Suk Choi, KGS and Kiseido


Single Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


The winner of this division will have a play-off match with the winner of the other daytime division.

  1. The winner of the play-off match gets $200 (US Dollars).
  2. The loser of the play-off match gets $100 (US Dollars).