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2006 Sendol Amateur Cup, Asian daytime, First week-end, Single Elimination Division (Winner: Werfeus)

This is the 2006 Sendol Amateur Cup granted by the donation of Suk Choi (a.k.a. XY0908): this single elimination division leads to semi-finals and a final with cash prizes ($500 for the winner of the final, $300 for the runner-up and $150 to each of the two other semi-finalists). The semi-final and final dates are to be defined later with the players.

No handicap, no rank required. The time settings are 45 min plus a 5 periods of 30 seconds byo yomi.

The Cup is open to all amateur players (no professional players); IMPORTANT: it is not permitted to attend more than one division.


Sponsored by Suk Choi (a.k.a. XY0908), KGS and Kiseido.


Single Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


The winner gets to enter the semi-final, the runner-up gets a $15 gift certificate from Kiseido.