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June 2009 KGS bot tournament (Winner: Zen19)

This is the June 2009 KGS Computer Go Tournament.

It is open only to Go-playing programs, known as 'bots'. Even for bots, there are some restrictions on entry.

It will use 19×19 boards, Chinese rules, and a time setting of 18 minutes each plus Canadian overtime of 25 moves in 20 seconds. This is intended to ensure that a game finishes within the hour assigned to the round, while allowing for opponents who unexpectedly play on after the game is decided.

To enter, please read and follow the instructions at

The rules are given at

The schedule should be convenient for Asians and Europeans. I hope that Americans and others will also compete, leaving their bots connected and running overnight. KGS Computer Go Tournaments have a variety of schedules, to suit all timezones.


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


There is no prize.