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July 2010 KGS bot tournament (Winner: AyaMC)

This is the July 2010 KGS Computer Go Tournament. It is open only to Go-playing programs, known as 'bots'.

It will use 19×19 boards, Chinese rules, and a time setting of 29 minutes each plus Canadian overtime of 25 moves in 30 seconds. This is intended to ensure that a game finishes within the period assigned to the round, while allowing for opponents who unexpectedly play on after the game is decided; however it may be insuffiicient if your lag is a second a move or worse.

To enter, please read and follow the instructions at

The rules are given at

The schedule should be convenient for Europeans and Americans. I hope that Asians and others will also compete, leaving their bots connected and running overnight. KGS Computer Go Tournaments have a variety of schedules, to suit all timezones.


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


There is no prize.