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If you are entered in a tournament, please make sure that you have read the KGS tournament guide.

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February Tournament, 5k down division, Asian daytime (Winner: Valquis)

The first official double elimination tournament! That means that if you lose one game, you are still in the tournament - you stay in until you have lost twice! The tournament winner is the last player left. Depending on how many people show up, this may go for quite a few rounds - there will be three rounds on Saturday, three on Sunday, and if necessary more rounds the following weekend.


Sponsored by Kiseido and KGS.


Double Elimination, Simultaneous Schedule.


Every round a player from each division will be chosen at random to receieve 1 week added onto their KGS Plus membership! In addition, the winner of a division gets a $15 US gift certificate at Kiseido and 1 month added to their KGS Plus membership. The runner up in each division gets 1 month added to their KGS Plus membership.