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KGS test Computer Go Tournament (Winner: GoGNU)

This is a test Computer Go Tournament. If it is successful, as I hope it will be, there will be regular Computer Go Tournaments here on KGS, with a variety of board sizes and of time limits.

This tournament is open, but only to authors of programs – copies of public-domain programs such as GnuGo may apply, but will only be entered if there is a shortage of other entries.

The organiser is Nick Wedd To enter, email him, stating the name under which your bot plays on KGS, and include 'kgs tournament registration' in the email title. He plays here as 'maproom'.

Important: You must have the 2.6.10-beta2 or later version of kgsGtp to play in this tournament. You can get it at Please make sure you have this! If you use a normal version of kgsGtp, your program may not be able to properly play in the tournament games.


Swiss style, Simultaneous Schedule.


No prize. If the winner is in Prague for the European Go Congress, Nick Wedd agrees to buy him a pint there.