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About This Page
20 Jan 2014       - - - - Java 7, update 51 Security
04 May 2012       - - - - Problem With Email to AT&T Domains
24 May 2011       - - - - New User-Notes Feature
27 Feb 2011       - - - - KGS Update does not work
13 Dec 2010       - - - - Automatch Misunderstandings
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About This Page

Sometimes, there will be important information from the KGS administrators that cannot be conveyed using the regular room messages. In such instances, the administrators can put the information that cannot fit in the room announcement on this page. Please watch the room messages, and periodically check this page for changes.

Java 7 update 51 Security affects KGS clients. (20 Jan 2014)

Summary of this issue

Improvements to security in Java may prevent some users from using the KGS client for Java Web Start and the applet client.

Solution for Web Start Client

The KGS client for Java Web Start has been repackaged to conform to the new requirements. For most users, "auto-update" will automatically retrieve the new version. With "auto-update", a user of the web start client will receive a notice that the client is slightly out of date. After the user exits the client, the new version should be automatically downloaded and updated when the client is next used. For a few users, this might not work. Those users should proceed as described below, in the "KGS Update (27 Feb. 2011)" announcement.

Solution for Applet

In order to run the applet, users will need to use the Java Control Panel to enter exceptions that allow the KGS applet to be run.

  1. Open the Java control panel.
    • On Windows, the most common way is to open the Windows control panel. Then browse for the "Java" entry. It will usually have the steaming coffee cup logo.
    • On Mac OS X, look for "Java" under "System Preferences."
    • On Linux, the Java control panel is usually opened by entering a command. The command may be different depending on the Linux distribution and Java instalation. It can be accessed by running "jcontrol", a shell script in the "bin" subdirectory in the jre installation.
  2. Click the "Security" tab.
  3. Check the box "Enable Java content in the browser" if it is not already checked.
  4. Click the "Edit Site List" button, and enter these exceptions (without quotes): "", "" and ""
  5. For each exception, use these steps:
    1. Click the "Add" button.
    2. Type in (or paste) the exception.
    3. Press the "Enter" key or click on the "OK" button.
    4. When the warning appears, click on "Continue."
  6. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the "Edit Site List" dialog, and then the "OK" button at the bottom of the Java control panel.

Thanks to tschan for illustrating this. However, note that the exceptions entered are different as described there, since that was written for the Web Start client.

Note: Users who found they could run CGoban by lowering Java's security level should undo this change, unless they need lower security for reasons not related to KGS.

A Problem With Email From KGS To AT&T Owned Domains (04 May 2012)

Servers for AT&T owned email domains have KGS marked as a source of "spam" (unsolicited commercial email). These servers will block automated email sent from KGS such as registrations, password recovery, and KGS Plus monthly schedule email. The intended recipients may not be given a chance to mark the email as wanted. If the email address you have on record with KGS is from an AT&T domain, we recommend you change it. The domains affected are these:


Again, only automated email sent from KGS is affected.

New User-Notes Feature (24 May 2011)

A new feature of KGS allows you to have a note attached to each user name you have in your buddy list, your censor list, or your fan list. When you have such a note, and you position your cursor over the user's name, a tool tip appears showing what you entered in the note. There are several ways to add a user's name to, or remove a user's name from, one of these lists:

  1. Open the user's personal information and check or uncheck the appropriate boxes.
  2. Find the user's name in a user list (such as the list of users in a room or observing a game), open a context menu ("right-click"), and check or uncheck the appropriate boxes.
  3. Select "User" from the menu bar, then select the appropriate list.

To add a note, edit a note, or delete a note and leave the user name in the list, you must use the third method.

When using this tool, please keep the following in mind:

  • When adding a user, you must press the <enter> key from the Notes field after typing the user's name in the 'Add' field and a note in the Note field.
    The note is optional, but the <enter> key only works from the 'Note' field.
  • Press the <tab> key to move from the user-name field to the note field. Or, click on the note field with the mouse.
  • To delete a note without deleting the user, delete the contents of the note and press the <enter> key in the notes field.
  • To delete a note and the user, right-click on the user's name in the list, then click "remove" in the context menu.
  • To add a note to a user already in the list, click on the user's name in the list or type in the user's name in the "add" field. Then type something in the "note" field, and press <enter>.

KGS Update does not work (27 Feb. 2011)

Summary of this issue

The KGS client was recently updated. In most cases, "auto-update" worked. In some cases, it has not worked with the result that some users cannot use the Java Web Start clients. They can use the applet client. The following information applies only to CGoban 3 for Java Web Start. It does not apply to the applet.

Solution: Uninstall the Client then re-download and re-install it

  • Delete your shortcuts / icons from your desktop and menus.
  • Open the JavaWebStart CacheViewer by executing this command:   javaws -viewer
    • To execute a command on a Mac, open a command console. Go to Applications → Utilities → Terminal
    • To execute a command on Windows, hold down the Windows-Logo key and press "R".   The Windows-Logo key is between the <ctrl> and <alt> keys.
  • When the cache viewer appears, do the following:
    • Where it says "Show", select "Applications."
    • Find the CGoban client and right click on it.
    • From the context menu, select "Delete."
    • Where is says "Show", select "Resources."
    • Delete any resources associated with CGoban / KGS cilent.
    • Close the cache viewer
    • Additional information is available at Sensei's Library.
  • Go to the KGS Client download page
  • Click on either the link for "CGoban for Java Web Start" or "CGoban 3 with no file association."

Proceed as normally.

Automatch Misunderstandings (13 Dec. 2010)

Summary of this issue

There seems to be a misunderstanding among users about automatch games. As a result of this misunderstanding, several users have been deranked.

If you are paired for an automatch game, and you leave it before it is over, this may result in a forfeit. If you have too many forfeited games, and you were not losing those games, then you can be deranked. Also, if you resign before it is clear which player is winning, you can be deranked.

Details of this issue

Some Reminders About Automatch

  • Once automatch pairs you for a ranked game, you can be marked as an escaper if you do any of the following:
    • Leave the game when the countdown timer is running
    • Leave the game without making a move
    • Leave the game before the 10th move is played
    • Leave the game after the 10th move is played
    • In other words, if you leave at any time.
  • You can not be selective about opponents when you use automatch.
    • If you wish to avoid certain players, please be sure they are in your censor list before you try to find a game using automatch.
    • Automatch will not pair you with players in your censor list.
  • Handicaps can be in either direction.
    • You cannot choose color using automatch.
    • Automatch can pair you for an even game or for a handicap game.
    • If you do not wish to play a handicap game, set the "max rank difference" to zero.
    • If you are paired for a handicap game, you could be assigned the white stones or the black stones.
    • For example, if you are willing to accept up to 5 stones, but willing to give no more than 2 stones, you should set the "max rank difference" to 2.
  • You have more freedom to select game conditions if you use the game offer method instead of automatch.

A reminder about the KGS Terms of Service

It is a violation of the KGS Terms Of Service to intentionally lose any type of ranked game. This includes all types of losses. If you are playing a ranked game, do not do any of the following when you are ahead or before the the game is decided:

  • Resign
  • Intentionally let your clock run out
  • Intentionally forfeit the game

Also, if you and your opponent score the game, and the score shows you are ahead, do not resign. Click on the "done" button.

If you have several ranked games which you lost by forfeit and which you were not losing, the administrators may regard these as intentional losses.

If you are not losing and you must interrupt your game, please apologize to your opponent, leave the game, and try to resume it later. If you have unfinished ranked games which you were not losing, please try to resume those games before you forfeit them.

The rank system does not distinguish between humans and bots. You can be deranked if you intentionally lose to bots.


The purpose of the rank system is to help KGS players find games that are fairly handicapped. Intentional loses and other forms of rank manipulation make it harder for everyone to find fair games. This includes resigning before it is clear which player is winning. The KGS administrators do not derank as punishment. This action is to preserve the integrity of the rank calculations.

Several users have recently been deranked because of misunderstandings about the automatch system. Even though these players had no intention of sandbagging, administrators have deranked them. The adminstrators have done so reluctantly, in order to protect the rank system.

Thank you for your understanding.


  • Deranking: Removing permission to play ranked games.

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