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Set Preferences
These options are used throughout the CGoban client.

Table of Contents
Language | Host | Port | Save client password | Time warning level | Byo-yomi warning level | Warn by | Font size | Mouse anti-slip system | Sound enabled | Sound for | Alarm for tells | Coordinates around boards | Textured graphics | Show kos as squares | Click to test microphone | Set your time zone

Screen shot of Preferences window


The language you see all client text in. Some of the text may change to the new language immediately, but you must exit the client and restart it for the complete change to take effect. To switch between complex script languages (like Japanese) and Latin based script languages (like English), you may have to reinstall the CGoban client. The "System Default" language option uses your computer's default language.

The name of the computer running the KGS server. You should leave it as "" unless you are using a port forwarder. If you don't know whether you are using a port forwarder or not, then you aren't, so leave it at the default value.

The TCP/IP port of the KGS server. The default is 2379; leave it this way unless you are using a port forwarder.

Save client password
Saves your password on your computer. Don't use this if you are on a shared computer!

Time Warning Level (secs)
The amount of time remaining before the client begins warning you that your time running out. For example, if the Time Warning Level is 60 seconds then the client warns you when you have 60 seconds remaining on your clock.

Byo-Yomi Warning Level (secs)
This is similar to the previous setting except this setting is for byo-yomi time.

Warn by
Related to the two previous settings.
None: Turns off all warnings
Flash: Flashes the time clock for each second that passes during the warning period.
Beep: Sends the standard PC beep for each second that passes during the warning period
Both: Turns on both the "Flash" and "Beep" warnings.

Font Size (8..24)
Sets the font size of the client text. The minimum allowed is 8 point, and the maximum is 24 point.

Mouse anti-slip system
Toggles the "Mouse anti-slip System". This system rejects a mouse-down event if the mouse cursor moved in the last second or so. This helps prevent misclicks.

Sound enabled
Toggles the CGoban3 sound system.

Sound for
The games you select in the popup list.
No Games: Turns off sound for all games. (note other sounds remain enabled)
My Games: Turns on sound only for the games the user is playing in.
All Games: Turns sounds on for all games (both observed and played games)

Alarm for tells
This alarm tells you that you have a PM when you are playing, reviewing, or watching a game. In fact, this alarm announces a PM whenever the focus is not on the Main KGS Window. When the alarm goes off, it sounds like a telephone is ringing.

Coordinates around boards
Toggles the coordinates that display on the edges of the board during games. Note that pressing CTRL L in a game is another way to toggle this setting.

Textured graphics
Makes the board look like more a real wooden board.

Show kos as squares
A small square shows where you are not allowed to move because you would retake a ko. This is especially useful in blitz games.

Click to test microphone
To use a microphone on KGS, you need a teaching account. When you click on this button, a window comes up with step-by-step instructions for testing your microphone.

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