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KGS-Plus holds monthly tournaments. Most months there is space for non-KGS-Plus players. The tournaments are announced on the tournament schedule near the beginning of the month. There you will find a link to the tournament page for each scheduled tournament. The tournaments are also announced in the header of the tournament room (rooms –> tournaments –> tournament room) and in the monthly emails.1

Please pay particular attention to the registration requirements. You alone are responsible for ensuring that you meet them. You will also want to set your timezone to have the times displayed in your time.

The Tournament Pages contain the following information

The Tournament Pages are where you


The players in a KGS tournament compete with other players in their division. Usually there is an Asian division whose rounds are played during the eastern hemisphere daylight hours, and a European/American division whose rounds are played during the western hemisphere daylight hours. There are often divisions that are only open to players with an established KGS rating. Most tournaments have divisions that are open to all players, whether they have a KGS rating or not.



1  If you are not receiving the monthly emails, check that option in your personal information page. (user –> "edit personal information".)

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