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KGS Protocol

KGS uses a binary stream-based protocol to communicate with clients. This is not suitable for use in a Javascript/HTML based client. There is a webapp that translates the KGS protocol into a JSON+HTTP based protocol. The webapp will run on tomcat or any other JSP web server. You can download it from

A reference with all the messages types, and what data they contain, is included in the webapp. A simple example client that lets you test messages is included also.


The webapp needs:

Discussion Mailing List

There is a google group to discuss the KGS protocol and coding clients in it. Please visit!forum/kgs-client-coding if you have any questions about it.

Change log:

  1. jsonClient-2016-03-01T01_02Z.war — Initial release.
  2. jsonClient-2016-03-22T00_25Z.war — Fixed server stats message.
  3. jsonClient-2016-03-23T00_30Z.war — Major cleanup in challenges and proposals, for both the webapp and the documentation.
  4. jsonClient-2016-04-09T20_52Z.war — Fixed crashes when joining a global game list or when leaving a non-game channel.
  5. jsonClient-2016-04-14T23_00Z.war — Fixed crashes when DONESCORING SGF property appeared in a file.
  6. jsonClient-2016-04-16T23_03Z.war — Changed JOIN downstream message to GAME_JOIN, etc., and hopefully fixed crash when joining some games.
  7. jsonClient-2016-04-20T18_02Z.war — Fixed crash problems related to joining games. Changed time from a string to a set of fields. Updated documentation.
  8. jsonClient-2016-04-30T20_45Z.war — More documentation updates. Moved "rules" in a proposal into its own object (upstream and downstream proposals now match).
  9. jsonClient-2016-05-18T23_23Z.war — Added observer count to games in game lists.
  10. jsonClient-2016-05-20T02_02Z.war — Fixed DETAILS_JOIN message handling.
  11. jsonClient-2016-05-21T00_26Z.war — Made the score fields of all downstream messages work the same.
  12. jsonClient-2016-05-24T23_59Z.war — Fixed SGF upload handling. Added a line to force the javascript client to use UTF-8.
  13. jsonClient-2016-05-27T00_49Z.war — Fixed SGF uploading for real.
  14. jsonClient-2016-05-27T23_40Z.war — Fixed "pass" uploads.
  15. jsonClient-2016-05-28T00_44Z.war — Fixed DETAILS_JOIN_REQUEST.
  16. jsonClient-2016-05-29T21_54Z.war — Fixed RESULT SGF properties.
  17. jsonClient-2016-05-31T00_02Z.war — Fixed the automatch problem.
  18. jsonClient-2016-06-02T23_21Z.war — Added "empty" color for ADDSTONE SGF property.
  19. jsonClient-2016-06-06T23_14Z.war — Fixed the upload for the RE[] property.
  20. jsonClient-2016-06-11T03_33Z.war — Fixed AVATAR downstream message.
  21. jsonClient-2016-06-18T17_10Z.war — Added fields to game lists, game summary (archive) lists, and DETAILS_NONEXISTANT.
  22. jsonClient-2016-06-27T03_32Z.war — Fixed GAME_REVIEW message and documentation.
  23. jsonClient-2016-08-22T02_36Z.war — Fixed some documentation issues, fixed GAME_SET_ROLES upstream command.
  24. jsonClient-2016-08-26T02_21Z.war — Fixed handling up archive channel update messages.
  25. jsonClient-2016-09-17T21_43Z.war — Fixed CHALLENGE_CREATE.

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