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Observing Games

Observing a game on KGS can be almost as much fun as playing one yourself (and less of a commitment, if you are liable to be called away from your computer). KGS has many features to help with observing games. It is easy to observe games: in the main window, you just click on one or more of the games listed.

Some games are private. You cannot watch one of these, unless you are invited to join it.

You can chat while observing a game, but, try to keep your comments related to the game. In rated and free games, the players can not see your comments. However, in a Teaching game (indicated by a T to the left of the game in the main window) the teacher and pupil can see your remarks, so you should avoid chatting without their permission.

Comments on and questions about the game can be typed in the chat region of the game window. These are not seen by the players until the game is over, so you can discuss the moves without affecting the players. However they are seen by other observers, and by the players at the end of the game, and they are stored for ever on the server, so it is best to avoid saying anything that makes you look stupid.  TOS,  Chat Line Etiquette,  and  Game Kibitz Policy  apply to comments made while observing games.

Observers can make a local copy of the game (by clicking on the "Options" button and selecting "View Offline"). They can then use this to try out variations in the game, without anyone else being able to see. This copy of the game is on their local computer, the KGS server knows nothing about it.

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