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In the list of players, some names are preceded by a little image, or icon.

Gold Star Gold star Senior admin
Silver Star Silver star Admin
Golden Hexagon Sun Subscriber to KGS+
Golden crown Gold crown Winner of a KGS tournament
Silver crown Silver crown Runner-up in a KGS tournament
Computer Logo Computer screen This player is not a person, it is a computer program or "bot"
Red X  Red X  This is a player that you have chosen to censor
eye argent, pupilled or Eye This is a player that you have chosen to be a fan of
Android Phone Icon Phone This is a player that is using a cell phone client: don't expect much chat from him!
meijin Pedestal This is awarded to the sole winner of the KGS Meijin Tournament.


  1. If an admin has won a tournament, you only see the star, not the crown.

  2. If you censor, or become a fan of, a user who already has a symbol, the two symbols are superposed:   Computer Logo + Red X = Superimposed,   Golden Star + eye argent, pupilled or = SuperposĂ©

  3. In Swiss and McMahon tournaments, you earn a silver crown by winning all your games. Also, you must play in every round. If you get a system bye, that counts as having played in that round. If you earn a gold crown, you do not also get a silver crown.

Example of a list of players:

List of players with notes or List of players

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