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What is a bot?

A bot is an automated program that can play games with someone, and can be ranked if approved by a system administrator. Bots are listed in the right hand column of the game rooms along with names of the human players. They are marked with a computer screen logo,  Computer Logo .  There are lots of bots in the Computer Go room. If you sort them by rank, you are likely to see several bots with dan rankings. Here is the path to the Computer Go room.

Rooms –> Room List –> Social –> Computer Go.

Where do I go to play a bot?

One way is to use Automatch. Click on robot in Automatch Preferences. Another way is to go to the Computer Go room. There, you can accept a robot's game offer, and you can make your own game offer. You can have an automatch looking for a pairing for you at the same time.

For beginners, there is often a "beginner bot" available in the Beginner's Room. Here is the path.

Rooms –> Room List –> Lessons –> Beginners' Room

Where do I go to make a bot?

If you want to make a bot, the first place you'll want to go is to the Computer Go room. In that room, they have a lot of resources and links to help you make a bot. That room serves as the main `hangout` for the KGS bots; most bots play in that room. There are a lot of good websites to help you make a bot. The majority teach you how to make a GNUGobot.

What other types of bot are there?

There are also a number of other bot programs, most of which are written directly by the user. But, some popular bots are made available for you to download.

Types of bot include

and more.

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