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This is a collection of topics from other sources (e.g. KGS-faq/troubleshooting, the old KGS-faq,,, news://, ...).

Overview of topics:
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... and the answers, unsorted

Why are 9x9 (and 13x13) games not used for the rating?
To this theme there is an extensive discussion to be read on [Sensei's Pages: KGS Issue - Rated Games of Any Size]. In short: a shared rating for 9x9 (and 13x13) and 19x19 games is seen as unreliable. And a devided rating needs an imagining, which must be built in in the client. In moment that is not the most important, so we (sadly) need to be patient.

How do I get a teacher account?
To get a teacher account, you need to ask jyem by email:; these accounts are usually given to members of KGS-Plus, who have already given several game comments. There are also    some hints in jyem's KGS-FAQ.

Why do I need KGS-Plus for a teacher account?
The teacher account allows audio comments, but these use more resources (bytes through the line, server power), as a normal using of the client with text comments. For a participation in the costs it is desired, that the player has a KGS-Plus subscription to get a teacher account. We know, that it would be more logically to take the participation from the pupils, but it is easier, to demand it from the teacher and he decides to hand the costs over to his pupils.

no undo, gg, thx - what does it mean?
These are abbrevations, used by players and observers in game setup and chat:
no undo - Taking back a move in the game is not granted (think before the move, and be calm)
hi - Hello! Welcome, friend of the black and white lenses!
gg - good game (~ I wish you a ... )
thx - thanks, thankyou (...for the game)
cu - c-u, see you
lol - laughing out loud
rofl - rolling on the floor laughing
u2 - u-2, you too
There is also sometimes a language-specific abbrevation (e.g. bp = bonne partie = gg).
Connected topic: netiquette

My operating system doesn't know how to use the .jnlp-file
When Java is installed, Java will be registered in the operating system for .jar-files (Java ARchive) and .jnlp-files.
Need to make it up?
In file manager (Explorer in Win) -> right mouse-click (possibly with pressed shift-key) on the file-name .. open with ... select program:
in Win e.g.:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre-[version]\bin\javaws.exe (for .jnlp-files)
C:\Program Files\Java\jre-[version]\bin\javaw.exe (for .jar-files)
and set check mark "open every time with this program" -> OK
in Linux e.g.:
/usr/bin/javaws (for .jnlp-files)
/usr/bin/java (for .jar-files)

I don't get a rank and have no rating graph.
Possible reasons:

My password has been saved on a foreign computer without my awareness.
All what you can set in the local configuration window is saved on client side, so as example the check mark for "save password" (and then the password), client language, and some other. So when you use the CGoban installation on a foreign computer, you use the settings of the computer owner resp. the other Cgoban user (e.g. in an internet café). So there helps (in moment) only: be cautious - e.g. before logging in call the configuration window and switch this off. Or, even better use the browser applet. The lists "friends", "fans" and "ignore" are saved on the server (this since CGoban 3)

While I wanted to download some game archives, I suddenly got the error message
"HTTP status 503 - Request quota exceeded".
The games archive is protected against automated downloads. So when you call pages and archives to fast, your IP will be barred for some time (? 1 hour?)

When I try to call a KGS-page, i stumble upon the error message:
"HTTP status 404 - ... - The requested resource (...) is not available."
And in the last time "Server not found". What's this?
There are still a whole lot of pages and bookmarks/favorites linking to the old home of the KGS go server. For a while it was enough to change the site name from to In the meantime, the KGS-part of    Kiseido is dead and the structure of the folders and pages within KGS (specially the help pages) changed so far, that you are better off to follow the links from the KGS main page. Moreover: the Go server and clients have (since over a year) the version number 3 (Download CGoban 3). An old client (version 2) cannot anymore connect to KGS, no chance.

I registered a username, but when I tried to log in, the server answered that the username doesn't exist.
This may happen, when you don't use your account for a longer time: after 6 months without login the account is deleted by the server (the game files survive: set the check mark at 'Include expired and...').
Solution: register new!
Other possible reason: After registering you didn't use the temporary password, which we sent you. The received password needs to be used within 24 hours or it will expire.
Solution: register new!

I want to log in, but 'Wrong password' answers the server.
If you don't use your account for more than 6 months, it is deleted by the server (the game files survive) and the name is free to register for everyone. Maybe someone other registered the name in the meantime? Solution: register another name!

What is netiquette?
Netiquette is an artificial word out of net and etiquette (~social behaviour). They relate to the rules of respectful behavior in our social contacts, here specially the text communication in the internet (forum, email, usenet, chat): And - by the way: To the beginning also of a blitz game could be as minimum the time for a short 'hi' or 'gg' (and to the end of a game for a 'thx'), but mostly there is more to remark.

More on this topic from the administrative point of view: KGS Terms of Service
... and a Wikipedia page dedicated extensively to the topic '   netiquette'

I observed a strange behaviour within CGoban.
When something doesn't work as expected and you are sure, that this is a malfunction, you can send an email to the admin (
What needs wms to know, when something doen't work?

Is it possible to use CGoban without Java Web Start?
If for some reason you don't want or cannot use Java Web Start, you can download the actual version of the CGoban Java-archive (.jar) yourself and start it with the command line
[path/to/your/java/installation/bin/]java -jar [folder/where/the/file/resides/]cgoban.jar
Oh - yes - the linuxies do it with a shell script.
Please be aware, that since CGoban v.3.3.20 it wants to have Java 1.4 as minimum installed (as mentioned in changeLog-2007.txt).

What is a bot?
Bots are computer programs (mostly 'engines', that are command line programs, without own graphical user interface [GUI]), which their authors connect to KGS with a special program. The programs usually don't bother about opponents without a rank, so that it is unproblmatic to use them for getting fast a valid rank. Bots play on KGS in nearly all strenghths, from around 6 kyu (pretty strong, e.g. GNU Go) down to 30 kyu (e.g. DrunkenGnu). It's still obsolete to chat with them :-) .

Someone in our chat room is a pain in the neck. We told him to get lost, but he stays and is unnerving further. How can we get rid of him?
When he infringes the KGS Terms of Service, you inform (in private chat!) one of the admins or assistants: copy the criticized chat into the private chat window and ask him to call the disturber to order. But: when your room isn't declared as private, anyone can stay as long as he adheres to our Terms of Service.

So, what is an "admin"? - And what are the assitants for?
Admins are the people in charge of the server for: And the assistants - what do they?
The assistants substitute the admins with watching over the rooms. They do nearly the same, but have less admin rights.
... and how can I find them?
Their names are preceded by five-pointed stars, silver silver star for assistant-admin for assistants and gold golden star for senior/super admin for a senior/super admin.
KGS has around 600 chat rooms, 26 of these are main rooms (nearly all with different languages), in which you mostly will be an admin addressable, when problems arise (there are many admins on KGS).
Club and social rooms are coached by there room-"owners"

What are the times displayed in italics?
A time in italics is a time displayed in your time zone.
How to display an italics time?
You just need to type in the following command:
<gmt>YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm</gmt>
where YYYY stands for the year, MM the month, DD the day, HH the hour and mm the minutes when the event is held, in GMT time (Greenwich Mean Time). The syntax has to be exact!
Example: the tag <gmt>2007-08-29 8:00</gmt> will be displayed in Paris summer time as 29/08/07 10:00 with a French client, or 8/29/07 10:00 AM with an English client.
Since when can we use that feature?
That feature was released in client 3.3.20.
Does the system handle the Daylight Time Savings?
The italicised hour is wrong, how come?
The client uses your computer time to convert the time to your local time. If your computer clock is wrong, the display will be wrong too.
(Source = #1127)

The CGoban windows don't resize properly and I can't click on some menus, what's going on?
Some Linux users with    3d beryl have met this problem.
Disable(??) beryl (beryl is the window manager with the funny new desktop effects).
Note: this bug may be related to a    message in the Java bugs forum ( (Source = #1125)

How can I hear CGoban sound when I have music running on my Linux system?
Turn down the music!
O.K. - other solution:
On some systems, Java requires all the sound resource of the computer to produce sound. So, if you are listening to music before launching CGoban, you won't be able to hear the stones sound or the teacher voices.
You can force Java to use ALSA with the program aoss.
If aoss is not already installed on your system, look for the package alsa-oss and install it (for instance, on debian/ubuntu, type the command apt-get install alsa-oss).
Once installed, just add "aoss " at the very beginning of your CGoban launching command: "aoss javaws ...". If you are using some desktop starter, right click on it and display its preferences, you should then see the command line, add aoss at its beginning. The exact path will maybe be needed (you can find that path with the command "which aoss" in a terminal ; for instance, if which answers /usr/bin/aoss, add "/usr/bin/aoss " at the very beginning of the command).
(Source = #1122)

I upgraded to OSX 10.5, how can I have CGoban back?
You can first try to reinstall the software, by clicking the "cgoban3 with Java Web Start" link on the KGS download page.
In case it fails, you'll have to uninstall the software manually and reinstall it afterwards.
  1. Open the Finder
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Open the folder Utilities
  4. Open the folder Java
  5. Run Java Web Start
  6. Select CGoban 3 in the applications list
  7. Click on "remove selected application"
Then reinstall by clicking the "cgoban3 with Java Web Start" link on the KGS download page. This should fix the issue.
(Source = #1128)

When I try to open CGoban 3, I see Java starting logo then shows
Application Error: "Unable to launch the application.", what can I do?
It has been reported from several Java 6 users.
One possible reason:
When you move a CGoban-starter to another folder, it cannot be updated by Java Web Start: the starters are linked to the jnlp-file in the Web-Start-cache, and it's name is something cryptic like 3f4b305c-3faea52b (without filename extension). When Java Web Start downloads a new version, the old one is deleted and the new one with other name code saved in the same folder. Solution: run Java Web Start and let it create new starters.

Another possible cause:
If you open "more detailed information", it shows something like:
Error: Could not load file/URL specified: C:\Documents and Settings\****\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\***\******* This is a bug in Java 6 mentioned in    their site (; a message from that forum by 9.Nov.'07 said, that with Sun-Java version 1.6.0_3 and WinXp/Vista the problem still exists.
While we are waiting for a fix (2007-12-12), you can try uninstalling the client CGoban3 and then reinstalling it with the "cgoban3 with Java Web Start" link in the KGS download page. It should fix the problem.
(Source = #1126)

I got the error "Unable to load resource:", what can I do ?
There is a bug in 2006 edition of Norton, please upgrade to the 2007 one, it should fix the problem.
(Source = #1121)

What is a .jnlp-file, and how does it work?
.jnlp-files are configuration files for Java Web Start, which is just a system for downloading, caching and running the .jar file.
jnlp stands for Java Network Launching Protocol. The related program "Java Web Start" is a part of all Sun-Java installations since version 1.4(.2?)
The .jnlp-file contains information and configurations in text form ("XML") for Java Web Start. The file can be viewed with every text editor. When Java is installed, Java Web Start is registered in the operating system for the processing of .jnlp-files.

What can the .jnlp-file do?
The .jnlp-file gives the following information to Java Web Start (javaws): Java Web Start now starts Java with the Java-archive. The command line for this is something similar to:
[path]javaw.exe -jar [path]cgoban.jar (with Win) resp.
[path]java -jar [path]cgoban.jar (with Linux)

By the way: the .jar-file is a simple zip-archive. More about Java Web Start and the .jnlp-file:    Java Web Start in the Wikipedia

How to create a CGoban starter ("shortcut")?
Java Web Start should propose to create a starter, when you install the client software (not in Linux). If it didn't or if for some reason you refused to create it, you still can do it.
You'll first need to launch Java Web Start.

For Java 5 users:
(for instance with Java version 1.5.0_06 - if you have another version, the number will be slightly different but the method is still right)

You'll find it under program files ===> java ===> jre1.5.0_06 ===> bin For Java 6 users: Linux:
Java Web Start in Linux cannot install desktop starters.
Way out: use your desktop's ability to create a starter or write a small start script. It needs
[path/]javaws (respectively ... cgoban-nfa.jnlp)
Or, if you want to use CGoban also for offline editing:
[path/]javaws [path/to/local/]cgoban.jnlp (respectively ... cgoban-nfa.jnlp)
(Source = #1115)

With Java 6.0, when I hit the "OK" button after entering my username and password it gives me the message of " unknown protocol: socket", what can I do ?
Java 6.0 has some weird default settings for WINXP that cause many applications like KGS to fail. The solution for the error message is as follows:
  1. Open control panel, click on the Java icon
  2. Click on Network Settings
  3. Select the "Direct Connect" option.
  4. Select OK, Apply the new settings, and then select OK to exit.
This is a    link to the Java forums where the solution is described.
(Source = #1120)

Where can I get info about the time zones?
Please look on the pages of the    World Time Server.
And KGS can set a cookie to suit the KGS-plus schedule to your local time.

23k, 3d, 5p - what does that mean?
Like in judo and carate the fighting strength in Go is divided in pupils (kyu, k) and masters (dan, d). 30 kyu (30k) is your beginner rank, some time you will reach 1 kyu (1k), which is a strong amateur player and you can switch to the masters: 1 dan (1d). (There is no 0 kyu or 0 dan.)
So: master of the 1st grade, 2nd grade etc., and first (= best) pupil of the master, 2nd pupil etc. Strongest amateur rank is the 7 dan (KGS: 9d). Furthermore are there Go players in Japan, China and Korea, who are awarded a profi license (pro dan: - 1p, 5p etc.). 1 pro dan is usually stronger than a 6 dan of the amateurs, and at 9 dan and 9 pro dan the ladder is finished (but there is a tournament for professionals in Japan, which is called 'Judan', which translates as 'ten dan'.)

Can a game with 5 minutes per person be rated ('Ultrablitz')?
The settings for a new game allow to set the time allotment to really unusual values: one second per move (jap. byoyomi) is possible and also high counts for moves per period (Canadian overtime) are possible. When you set these values, the window will automatically switch from 'blitz' to 'ultrablitz' - and 'ultrablitz'-games are not rated! The setting for the main time decides, when it will switch from 'blitz' or 'ultrablitz'. A game with a minimum of 7:30 min. main time will never be an 'ultrablitz'-game.

How does a simultaneous game work?
One person (strong) plays against many persons (weaker) in several games at the same time.
These games are usually played with reduced handicap.
The games can not begin until all boards are occupied (but the count of boards can be reduced or increased while waiting for players).
The stronger player must distribute his thinking time to all boards.
It is desirable, that the stronger plays in a manner, that the weaker can learn something from his (her) moves.
(more about simultaneous games, in German)

I want to use CGoban on my slow old computer (with Win95).
Since CGoban vers. 3.3.20 Java 1.3 is not enough. But Java 1.4 doesn't run in Windows 95. Sadly the loop way with an old CGoban version is barred since the update to version 3.4.0 (changed client-server-protocol).

I won against an opponent of my rating by around 80 points, but my rank rose by only one kyu.
The server doesn't mind, if you won by one point, 100 points, by resignation or on time - a win is a win and nothing more.

My client stopped and I got this strange window with text saying "Please email to". What do I do?
Mail it in. If you can't cut and past, mail a screenshot, but please don't send a BMP file. Those are really huge and fill up our mailbox! Sending text is best, if you can't do that, send a GIF or a PNG.

My rank on KGS changed, but I didn't play a game in that time.
Your rating is computed from the current rating of your past opponents. If they go up, you go up with them (and sometimes down with them, but that depends on the count of all your games of the last time). If you don't play, that makes KGS assume that you are progressing at the same rate as everyone (which is reasonable if you are still playing off-line). (from    Sensei's Library)

Huh! I forgot my password!
Use the lost-password-page to re-access your account. Hope, the email address we know is still valid, as we send you a web link for a special password-reset-page.

Can I have my picture deleted from my user info?
Difficult! Easiest is to upload an empty picture, so as example this [empty 1-pixel-graphic] grey 1x1-pixel-graphic file.
When an inappropriate picture (e.g.insulting) accidentally got the o.k. from an admin, then a super-admin can kick out the picture, but he (or she) will not ask or inform you.

Can I have my account deleted?
No, but this happens automatically with your account, when you don't use it for 6 months.
(Source = #1152)

The program doesn't mark all of my territory.
For territory to count it needs to be completely fenced in with your stones. If only one stone is missing in the fence, the server cannot count it. (It's not the Score Estimator!). Go back to the playing phase (button 'take back', your opponent needs to cooperate) and place the missing stones (all neutral ('dame'), all connecting stones).

Iieeehh! When counting, my stones were suddenly marked dead!
Revive the stones with shift-click on one of the marked stones. If your opponent insists in marking living stones as dead, ask for a referee in one of the chat rooms: nearly every stronger player is able to settle a dispute of this kind.

Clicking on help doesn't give a reaction (or not the desired).
One possible reason: popups are blocked.
Another possible reason: the CGoban Java-archive has been started directly (without .jnlp-file). Way out: call help over
Also possible: In the operating system is sometimes a bit confusion about which program has to open an internet link from another program (e.g. when different browsers are installed). One browser needs to be instructed (options!) to check at start up time, if it is the standard browser. Close the browser, reopen it and test, if you have success. Eventually (if no result) try this once more with another browser. With this action the browser sets itself (with query) as standard application for all relevant and supported filename extensions (.htm, .html,...) and protocols (ftp://, http://, ...)

What changes, when I use KGS with the browser applet?
All client options, which need access to your hard disk, are deactivated. That are: Upload picture (user info), view game offline (possibly a temporary file is created for this), upload game, save game to disk (game window, editor window, user info window - games list). Instead the games list has the button 'View Game in Archive'.
There is no score estimator ('SE').
The size of the applet is 700kb.
The browser applet is specially advised in internet cafés and with similar (more or less) public computers, because the password is not saved.

What can I do, when I have problems in using CGoban on a Vista system?
  1. Install Java
  2. set XP compatibility in the .exe property
  3. install CGoban
Make sure, that you open CGoban with the actual Java version: Java is not really updated, but a new install in another folder is done:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02 = last version and
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03 = new version; so you can uninstall the old version.

Suddenly the client seems to hang: sending chat or clicking anywhere has no reaction, and it's also impossible to close the window. What to do?
The client has possibly lost it's connection to the server, but sometimes it needs a bit time to find this out. Way out: in the start window (6 buttons) you click on 'Quit' (all program windows close at once); now start CGoban new and reconnect. An eventually unfinished game can now be continued: in the main window (rooms) - in any chat room tab - click the button at the top right 'Resume'. From the list of unfinished games chose the just interrupted (should be at the bottom of the list) and you are back in your game. If it lasted longer to reconnect, you can ask your opponent to add time to your clock before you make your move. If you ran out of time and try to make your move first, you lose on time!
Another possible reason for a seemingly hanging client: NVidia network card (and chip?)

In a user's games list I click the button 'View Games in Archive', but nothing happens.
This happens, when you are logged in over the browser applet (CGoban started by the jnlp-file ('web starter') or directly has instead the option 'Copy File to Disk'). Normally opens another browser-window or -tab, but if pop-ups are blocked, nothing will happen. Allow pop-ups for (in your browser's options)!

How can I add a picture ('avatar') to my user info?
In advance: that is not possible with the browser-applet!
The size should be 141x200 pixels and less than 7 kilobytes for Java 1.3; Java 1.4 and later resize the pic for you. If you like to have control over the result of a resizing, do it yourself and let the result have the format .jpg or .png. Avatars are manually validated by admins or assistants, which is usually done within a day - so be patient :-)
But...: you are not notified if your picture is rejected (see ... inappropriate picture).

The score estimator shows a clearly living group as dead. Can I correct this?

Will my network slow down, when I have many chat rooms open?
I tried this on a 64kbit line with around 25 lively rooms and an own ongoing game open: I couldn't feel a delay.

The user info's games list shows only the games of the last 6 months. How do I find the rest of my games?
Go to the KGS-archive. It has all ever on KGS (and    Kiseido) played games, game by game or all your games of a month compressed in an archive file (   .zip or .tar.gz,    programs for unpacking)

I played games as a guest - are they stored?
Yes! When you still know your guest name (or your opponent's name) you will find them. In the input mask of the KGS-archive you make a check mark at 'Include obsolete and guest games'.

How can I chat with a person, when I don't know her chat room?
Go to the menu 'User' −−> 'Leave Message' −−> insert name and text −−> 'OK'! If the person is still online, a tab for personal chat will open in the main window ('rooms') with your message. Otherwise the recipient will see the message the next time he (or she) logs in.

Are there shortcuts to use with Cgoban?
Yes, there are a whole lot of them. Most common are ctrl-c + ctrl-x for copying or cutting out of marked text. With ctrl-v the text piece can be inserted at any other place. But CGoban knows much more:    shortcuts in French, shortcuts in English and shortcuts in German.

I want to discuss something with my friends on KGS. How can I set up a group chat?
For this you can create at any time a chat room: go to the rooms menu of the main window, there click on 'Create new room' and give a name. If your talk shall be private, set the corresponding check mark. The created room can be found under 'New rooms' in the rooms list (also over the rooms menu). For a private room every visitor must be allowed explicitely. Shall this room exist for longer or permanently, consult an admin (identifiably by a star star = admin next to his name). But before this you should read the chatroom-FAQ.

I want to have a club room for me and my friends (this is the FAQ for KGS Room Creation and Maintenance Policy from the old KGS-FAQ).
All new permanent rooms on KGS are created subject to the following rules.

I can log in, but when I type something, it doesn't appear, and a bunch of other buttons and menus just don't work.
If you are sure, that this is not because of a lost connection ...
NVidia made a network card that has trouble with some applications (World of Warcraft had a similar problem with the same network card). If you have an nvidia network card, try this:
  1. Go to the "Start" menu, then to "Control Panel".
  2. Double click to open "Network Connections".
  3. Right click on your network adapter and go to properties (should be labelled as "NVIDIA nForce Ethernet Controller").
  4. Click on "Configure" and go to the "Advanced" tab.
  5. Select "Checksum Offload" and choose disable in the window to the right. It may be called Hardware Checksumming or a Checksum of some type.
  6. Click on Ok.
This should fix the problems. Another possible reason:

I registered, but I don't get my password in the mail.
Sometimes the KGS login mail is marked as spam.
  1. If you are with hotmail or msn, this is a real problem; they refuse most KGS email. Please try to get an email address somewhere else.
  2. Some people on AOL refuse all email with embedded images. You'll have to turn this off until the KGS email comes in. It may also be possible to mark all KGS mail as "OK"; it will always come from "".
  3. If you have a system that requires people to visit a web page the first time that they email you, please set "" as an address that always gets through. KGS email is sent by an automated system, when mail comes back asking to visit a web page, it is thrown away.
When an account is registered and the password isn't used within 24 hours, the server will assume that it was lost and will erase the account. That means that if you didn't get the password the first time, you can fix the problem, wait until a day after you registered, then try again.

What is automatch?
The    automatch feature is the easiest and quickest way to find an opponent on KGS. You decide a couple of settings then let the server pair you to a matching opponent. To start such a game, use Ctrl-N or click on the "Play Go" menu and check the "Automatch" box. (from

My opponent just left the unfinished game. What should I do?
Possibly he lost his connection. Wait 5 minutes (10 minutes is polite), that he can reconnect.
Specially when his computer crashed and he needs to reboot, it can last 10 and more minutes until you see him again (keyword 'check disk'). If he (or she) does not return, you can close the game and resume it later when both of you are on-line again. Use the resume button (top right of any chat room) to continue the game.
Also possible is, that your opponent deliberately abandoned the game in order to avoid a loss. This is commonly referred to as "escaping". You can send a message to your opponent asking to resume the game. If an opponent deliberately escapes, the admins and assistants cannot force him or her to continue. However, if your opponent routinely escapes games, you will receive credit for the win by forfeit
But please! It's not unusual to see players state in a chat room, that their opponent has escaped. Some times it's true, sometimes it's not. It's best to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. It can be embarrassing to advertise that your opponent escaped, only to have to apologise when he or she shows up five minutes later. (from faq-escaped)

How do I get rid of the [?] after my rank?
The question mark appears after your rank when not enough information has been collected to estimate your rank correctly. Also possible: you didn't play enough rated ('ranked') games in the last time. It will usually disappear after a few wins and losses in rated games. To reduce the time, do the following.

What do F and R mean?
There are eight types of games. Note that some letters may vary, depending on the language of your KGS client.

Why won't someone play a game with me?
It's not unusual for people to have to wait for a bit in order to get a game, particularly when they first start to play on KGS. The existing players don't know how strong you are or whether you'd be a suitable opponent. There are several ideas to consider.

Will someone review my game or teach me?
There are two rooms where people are most likely to review games. In the KGS Teaching Ladder room, you are expected to provide a review for each one you receive. Some stronger players also provide reviews in the Beginners room, if they have time and if you ask nicely.
And there are also some    professional teachers, who give lessons on KGS. The prices vary both by teacher and by number of lessons taken, so do your research beforehand. The teachers speak and teach (besides with their own language) mostly in English.

I'm a beginner -- where do I learn to play?
Of course you can ask in any of the KGS chat rooms, if someone has time for an intro (there is mostly someone). If you don't have success or want to try a structured intro, you can take one of the following ways: but more fun of course is to play with a human.

Why was I booted?
KGS has a Terms of Service, which all players are expected to abide by in order to play on KGS. The goal is to provide a friendly environment for players of all ages and nationalities to enjoy themselves. People who violate the rules are subject to temporary barring from KGS.
Note that the Terms of Service and room-specific rules apply to games played in a room, as well as the room itself. For example, restrictions on discussion of non-go topics applies to games in the EGR as well as the room itself.

Why can't I talk about politics in the English Game Room? It's free speech!
The English Game Room (EGR) is one of the most popular rooms on KGS. A decision was made in mid-2004 to create a separate English Chat Room, which is a more suitable place to hold long discussions on non-go topics. Prior to the room split, it wasn't unusual for long, heated discussions about politics to dominate the EGR and effectively prevent go-oriented conversation. After a period of time, admins and assistants will usually direct a non-go topic to be continued in the English Chat Room or elsewhere.

Why is there a tilde (~) after my rank?
One way to improve is to play against stronger players. However, if everyone only played stronger players, then beginners or less-experienced people wouldn't have a chance to improve. Therefore, KGS assigns a tilde (sometimes called a squiggle) next to your rank if you don't play weaker players often enough. The tilde doesn't prevent you from playing stronger opponents, but it becomes more difficult to get a game if you have a tilde. The KGS community recognises that it's important to teach as well as learn, so players with a tilde generally have a more difficult time getting a game.

To remove the tilde, start playing weaker players. When you have played a sufficient number, the tilde will go away. Moving forward, you can then play a mix of weaker and stronger players to ensure that the tilde doesn't return.

I just won a game, but my rank didn't change. Why is that?
Ranks are constantly re-evaluated throughout the day. Since the ranking algorithm produces only integer numbers, the results of an individual game are unlikely to cause your rank to change (although it obviously happens at some point). As you play more games, the ranking algorithm will become more accurate and rank changes will occur less frequently (although your rank will improve as you do).
The rank graph is updated once per day.

Someone is bothering me. What can I do?
If you are being bothered by another person, please contact an admin or assistant stars for admins and let them know what has occurred. Use the control-C and control-V key combinations to copy and paste the text (into a private message to the admin or assistant, not in a public room). KGS admins and assistants will follow up on people who repeatedly violate the Terms of Service regarding abuse or harassment of other players.
You can use the Censor option to ensure that you do not see text written by a nominated player. Right-click on the player's name in the player list and choose Censor User from the menu.

Are there still questions open?
You can:
Ask in the KGS Help Room (room list −−> main rooms, not only English).
Ask in the English Game Room.
Search in    Sensei's Library (English).
Look at (French and English).
Search in the Usenet-group    news:// with google (English);
ask in a Go forum of your language.

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