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Über dieses Wiki
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Deutsch (Deutschland) Englisch (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika) Türkisch (Türkei)

Editor's FAQ (in english)

Dies ist der Diskussionsbereich für die Hilfeeditoren und Übersetzer. Natürlich geht's auf dieser Seite nur um's Editieren und Übersetzen :-) .
This is the discussion area for the help editors and translators. Of course - it's only about editing and translating :-) .

auf dieser Seite: . . . . . . | 'Discussion' and News | Topics List | Topics One by One |
more keywords: . . . . |    Edit Errors (Wikipedia) | KGS-specific Edit Errors | New Page |
other pages: . . . . . . . | Recent Changes | Collection: Short Help (engl.) | Player's FAQ | Code Examples |
| All Pages (List) | Pages, Graphics, Links (login needed!) | Statistics | Sandbox |
| the english discussion page |

Ja, richtig, hier soll ja auch diskutiert werden ... - Huh - Yes! Discussion!


18.Dec.08, CGoban version 3.3.23: /help/playback.html can now be called from the playback window!


a copy from the wiki room:
* * Note to editors * * Please DO NOT write or copy ENGLISH pages on NON ENGLISH wiki pages. The non english pages should be written in the dedicated language. It's better to translate the texts or to just keep the page empty. -- glue


Topics List

(Pre-)View page with minor monitor resolution
Do you know, how your page is looking with 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolution? Call this version of the english rooms page and make the window smaller. Way out: there are some tools, which allow to resize the window really fast. The chapter with the Firefox extensions lists two good tools, where the Web Developer Toolbar is my (Rue) favourite tool.

It seems, that the server doesn't mind the cAsE of file names
Up to now it seems to be really equal, if you write gamewin.html, GameWin.Html or GAMEWIN.HTML, the server seems to change all called page names to lower case. But who knows... By contrast: the anchor names are separated by upper and lower case: so one chapter of a page may have the anchor name name the other NAME. Here it is a difference (anchor names are interpreted by the browser).

Upload of images is now possible
Every edit page has a list of useful links at the top:
A list of all help graphics is appended on the page helpPages.jsp (that page lists all help pages and graphics, and the links within your helpLocale; graphics: all helpLocales).

If you find, that a graphic contains outdated info or can be reduced in size, it can easily be replaced by uploding the new file and giving it the same name as the old file.

An idea: graphics should be as small (in kby) as possible (50 kby is much).
Howto: Not everyone has a fast DSL line or cable modem with 2 mbit per second. At home I use one channel of an ISDN connection: 64kbits/sec. Waiting for the fat graphics is really boring!

HowTo make translations easier
I collected a Sensei's page on how to use a google tool for helping translate pages from or to English:
   Sensei's Library: How To Translate Sensei's

Overview of the help pages calls:"hit counts"
Is there really a need for statistics?
Yes - you know the question: Does anybody read, what we compose?
And ...
that statistic can help to decide:
- which pages are most interesting for working on them
- which pages are linked bad and need better linking
I put the numbers in a table on another page: KGS page calls (statistics)

Do I need a special program for editing?
No, you don't. A normal editor does the job. But a special editor can be a good tool for checking the syntax of xhtml.
* - I use Phase5 (win-prog.) of    Ulli Meybohm: sorry, that program is, as far as I know, german only. Download from, or, no cost for privat use (vers.6), has syntax highlighting, sends edited file to one internal and two (new version = more) external browsers, has even a built in debugger and SELFHTML can be bound in for fast look up. Oh, it has and can do much more! Oh - as it is a german-only program, it is not designed to handle unicode-characters.
* - Another editing tool for HTML is    Nvu (Win, Lnx, Mac, based on Mozilla's Gecko engine) which is available for several languages. I didn't work much with it up to now, but it can handle xhtml and has preview. And it is also free.
* -    PSPad: freeware, for several languages, syntax highlighting for several codes, syntax checker for (x)html, shows corresponding parentheses, handles unicode, many options.
* - Pay attention, when you use the Win-XP-Notepad as clipboard for code fragments: when you save the text to disk, the text window will suddenly contain some line breaks, where you don't expect them. * - A good (and free and fast) replacement for the Win-Notepad is    Notepad2 of Florian Balmer. The new version of that program is    (for the time being) english only.

Firefox extensions as help for editing

KGS-room "Wiki" for the Editors open!
glue writes:
We created a room on KGS, so that editors can talk about the wiki and their editions together. For now I'll just let it live on its own, I plan on messaging all the accounts with the editor status in september 2007. The room name is "Wiki", and can be found in the "Social" category.

The TOC shows more languages than the flags on the main page.
Don't be confused! The main page shows 20 flags, the client lets you chose between 25 languages and when you go back from editing the toc, it lists 31 languages. Since there is still no translation of the KGS-pages for the missing flags (languages), they are not shown on the main page.
The client is already translated to these languages, which still have no KGS-pages:
Ελληνικά greek עברית hebrew српски/srpski serbian svenska swedish 中文 (台灣) chinese (Taiwan)
And to these languages there is still no translation at all:
български bulgarian esperanto litewski lituanian nederlands dutch Slovénščina slovenian ภาษาไทย thai

List of all help pages in all languages
The list of 'all' help pages does not list the pages of all languages, but now the hunt for a new or another versions of a page has an end. I put together a table with the so far edited or translated pages. Also I made a page with 'short' text for easier translation (together more than a sheet, sorry), only for the hardcoded pages

Errors while editing
When you get this server answer:
There was an error in your edits: Scripts are not allowed in help pages. Please do not use ... entities, or other XHTML that can be (or can disguise) javascript.
One possible reason: the server does not like an odd number of apostrophs (') in content of title="description" or alt="description", so don't write Sensei's, but Senseis or use ’ "right small quote" ( ). The apostroph is also not allowed in HTML-comments!
Another possible reason for this error message is a line break in a title=" "-attribute. In this case the line break was just at the end of a line : I didn't see it and searched without result for half an hour. (read also about the trap with the Win-XP-Notepad)
Next possible reason: in href="..." between the link and the ' " ' is a space - the wiki program doesn't like this.

There was an error in your edits: The entity "bt" was referenced, but not declared.
Typo in coded character, here &bt; instead of > (greater than).

There was an error in your edits: Element type "ig" must be declared.
Typo in tag e.g. <ig> instead of <big>.

There was an error in your edits: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.
This happens, when a < is set before normal text.

The page title does not like 'named entities' (e.g. &uuml; for the local character ü). They are not displayed as you want. Use the character which you write in normal text!

Texts as clues for translation
More pages with infos to include:
*'s KGS mainpage
* still has the old KGS help pages on it's server (e.g. as translator's help). The 'local' links on those pages need javascript for proper working!

No time for translating all?
Rue: I wrote a 'short' text for easier translation (together more than a sheet, sorry), only for the hardcoded pages, so that it's easier to begin with the translation.
The links of that page point to the 'hardcoded' pages. Try any help button in the KGS-client (when you are online): they are the 'hardcoded' links. Maybe a page without content appears. Way out without much work: copy and paste the whole source (as it stands) to the edit windows of those pages, give title as suggested in the chapters part
<!-- Page title: KGS - ... ... -->,
and in 'Description of this edit:' create page. Translating may come later.

What means 'hardcoded'?
For us editors it is sometimes difficult to decide, what text needs to be on a specific page, when we don't know, from where the page is called.
All pages linked 'hardcoded' are either called from one of the CGoban windows or from the KGS frontpage.
Did I forget a page?:
file name:              linked from or used for:
/help/toc               - table of contents, the block on top right of every normal
                             help page (becomes automatically built in in the other pages)
/help/app/editor        - offline editor CGoban
/help/app/gameInfoWin   - offline, from editors game info window
/help/app/main          - offline start window (that with the 6 buttons)
/help/gameWin           - online from game window, editor window (!), teach window etc.
/help/help              -      (nobody knows)
/help/index             - mainpage
/help/main              - online main window (tabs for rooms, personal chats,...)
/help/newGameWin        - online, setup new game (and wait for opponent)
/help/serverStatsWin    - the small window with the server statistics
/help/setPrefsWin       - main settings for online and offline
/help/playback   - KGS-Plus playback window

Sandbox for trying formatting tricks
What about a SandBox for your language? It is for testing and experiments with the stylesheet (kgsMain.css). When it doesn't display with line breaks, load it with a text-document program (wordpad, works, ...).

Are edit collisions to be expected?
It's not really a high risk, as mostly only on person edits at a time, but you can put a text at the top of the page, possibly in red: <p style="color:red"><big><big>xy is editing this page (date, time), message me at kgs</big></big></p> becomes

xy is editing this page (date, time), message me at kgs

Stylesheet (css) and tricks for formatting
The pages are looking like a desert of informatics; is there someone with ability of styling the pages? The SandBox is the place for testing and demonstrating. There is a stylesheet: when you save a page to your hd, you find it in the folder with the graphics of that page. When you load it with wordpad (NOT notepad, any program which changes [#0A] to [#0D #0A](LF-->LFCR)) you can read it and find hints for styling the pages (but I don't know how to make the best out of it.) Rue
Grindel sais: In response to the questions/concerns about CSS or style sheets. I think wms and jyem are the only people with access to make those changes.

Problem: not allowed to edit
Imagine, you want to edit the italian pages (granted by the admin), but every time you want to edit, you are back on the english page.
Two ways to solve this:

How to log out?
As there is no logout button on the pages (a cookie lets you come in), you can close the door behind you by deleting the cookies (also possible with IE :-) )

One help discussion page for all languages?
Maybe it's not so easy to program, so easiest is, that one of the english editors transfers this text to the english editors discussion page.

Idea for a logic structure of the help pages?
As far as I could see, we editors and translators are those, who give the new kgs-help a logic structure. But we are not editing simultaneously, so in every language the pages can have another structure. Difficult to say, which structure is best (and easiest) for translation to another language. See also Short help text for those with little time for translating.

There are errors in the old help texts
The old help pages text had been written for KGS/CGoban2 (or maybe CGoban1? :-) ). As example in the editor: deleting territory markings is done with [shift]-[ctrl]-[click] (old help sais: 'click on the score tool in the tools window twice' - but that does nothing). Best is to check all descriptions yourself.

Who is editing in which language?
You will find out.

Help pages for offline use
Would be fine to have the help pages for offline use: as example the editor is used offline, but you need to go online to read the help. Also good to have - besides the local language - the english version, just for reference.
This is also interesting to work with translating and editing offline (ok - I use the roundabout way. Rue).

Where to read about xhtml
All about XHTML and CSS can be read at
* - about xhtml
* - Wikibook about xhtml, english
* - about css and
* -    Wikibook about css, english
* -    SELFHTML (with many examples), german and french only. And SELFHTML can be downloaded there for offline use (html or chm).
* -    SELFHTML, version française
* - The english Wikipedia and Wikibook pages have links to the appropriate pages of the other languages.

I gave the wrong page name - and now?
Huh - what this: /help/ruelsets.html - shouldn't it be ... rulesets.html ? :-) I set up a page 'rulesets' and moved the content to there.

/help/help.html, 'hardcoded' - Nobody knows ...
... from where that page is linked.

Create new page
When it exists in any of the available languages: click on the link for that page and there click the edit link. When it doesn't yet exist in any language (server answers with error message), you make a link in any of the editable pages and save that page. Now you follow that link and edit the new page.
The page title can begin with 'KGS - ...'

Page summary and helpChanges.jsp
If you edit a page multiple times and it's only continuing from previous edits, you can use a period ('.') as summary (helpChanges.jsp shows this point instead of two-three times the same text).

The following has been repaired and is obsolete. If the described behaviour recurs, send a message to the admin:
The summary of edits may not contain any of:
& - instead: &amp; ('Ampersand')
< - instead: &lt; ('lower than')
> - instead: &gt; ('greater than')
or helpChanges.jsp (edits of last 7 days) will not display in opera and firefox (but opera allows to interprete the code as html).

Edit this page (requires admin or translator privilege)